Granger Medical West Valley Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Granger Medical West Valley Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

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West Valley City, UT 84120


Achieving The Look You Want With West Valley Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

There are many different reasons people may choose to alter specific areas of their body. For some of the patients using our West Valley cosmetic & plastic surgery department, there may be a need for reconstructive surgery due to illness, injury or a congenital deformity.

For other patients, it may be dissatisfaction with their appearance and the desire to make a change that brings them to our clinic. Sometimes this dissatisfaction with some aspect of their face or body may have existed for years, and making a change brings about a whole new sense of self-esteem and happiness in the way they look.

Services Offered

At the Granger Medical Clinic in West Valley our board certified plastic surgeon is able to assist patients in cosmetic & plastic surgery for the face, nose, eyes, breasts and specialized orthopedic surgery for hands.

As with all surgical procedures, our doctors will discuss all the possible options with you, including aftercare and recovery, and will ensure that any questions you have are completely answered. Additionally, our staff will also ensure that you are a good candidate for the procedure based on what you want to have done, your overall health, and any possible risk factors for the procedure.

Working Together

Granger Medical Clinic offers the latest in procedures, equipment and methods for all cosmetic & plastic surgery procedures. The doctor will meet with most patients several times before the procedure and through new technology you will be able to see what you will look like before you make the decision to go forward.

Working together ensures the best in patient care before, during and after the procedure. To learn more about reconstructive or cosmetic surgery offered at our West Valley facility give us a call today at 801.965.3632.

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