Granger Medical Parkway: More than a clinic – a family

In our modern world of giant medical conglomerates, it seems like the personal touch in medical care has been completely lost. But there is one place you can still find people who know your name – Granger Medical Parkway. If you live in the Riverton area, Granger Medical Parkway is the perfect place for your family to establish care. With only four doctors, this small, intimate location has a homey feel and long-time staff that take the time to get to know their patients. Parkways’ receptionists know many of their patients by name, because they have watched them grow up. Let’s hear from some of our Parkway staff about why they love their jobs:

Fleurette Peterson

I have been with Granger since the day after Christmas, 2004. I worked with the eye doctor, Dr. Smith from then until 2007 as his receptionist. I then was in the business office in West Valley until Dec 2007 at which time I went to the Riverton office working for the back office. In November 2014 I changed to the receptionist job again in Riverton and transferred in early 2015 to the Parkway office where I am now working the family practice side for Dr. Williams and Dr. Depew. I also help with the pediatrics front desk when needed. I love working in Parkway as it is a small office and I love the patients and providers. It is like a family feeling. The patients love our office as it is not crowed like some other offices and they do not have a long waiting time to be seen.

Chantae Lambert

I have been with Granger Medical almost 2 1/2 years.
The area of Parkway is so pretty and so much to offer.
The office is cute, quiet and fun. It has somewhat of a quaint personality which makes you feel like home.

Lisa Parry

I work for Dr. Morita, and Dr. Davis in the pediatrics department at Parkway. I started with Granger in February earlier this year. I thoroughly enjoy working at the Parkway location, the kids just make my day. Being in a smaller facility gives us better opportunity to focus more on our patients. I feel patients love the Parkway location for that very reason, less people, and the quick in and out service we provide.

Granger Medical Parkway is home to four award-winning physicians:
Carly J. Davis, MDPediatrics & Pediatric Infectious Disease
B. Craig Depew, MDFamily Medicine
Denise Morita, MDPediatric Neurology
Robert D. Williams, MDFamily Medicine

For medical care with that small town feel, call 801.253.3500 to make an appointment. Granger Medical Parkway is located at 1288 West 12700 South, Riverton, UT 84065.