Clinical research and trials

Granger Medical Clinic’s medical research team provides patients the opportunity to participate in safe, well-designed, and strictly-managed medical research studies in their own communities. Every patient and study is overseen by a Granger Medical physician. Medical insurance is not required. View our current studies here.

Successful participants typically receive the following:

  • No-cost investigational medications
  • No-cost medical examinations
  • No-cost laboratory tests
  • Compensation for time and travel

For current studies call 801.302.1769 or 801.302.1766.

Clinical trial

Clinical trial frequently asked questions

1. What is a research study?

Clinical trials are scientific research studies designed to find better ways to treat or prevent diseases by determining if new investigational drugs are both safe and effective.

2. Why should I participate in a research study?

Participants in clinical trials can play a more active role in their own health care, learn more about their own conditions, gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available and help others by contributing to medical research.

3. Why is choosing to participate in a clinical trial an important decision? 

Participating in a clinical study requires a time investment and a commitment to adhere to the study guidelines.

Additional information

All study-related medical visits, tests, exams and study-related medications are provided to participants at no cost and insurance is not required. Compensation for time and travel is provided for most studies.

If you are considering participating in a research study, you are welcome to call any of the research coordinators to talk about current and upcoming studies being conducted at all Granger locations.

Click here to view our current studies.