As a multi-specialty* clinic and one of the largest physician-owned medical groups in Utah, Granger Medical Clinic is ready to provide exceptional care to your entire family.

Lab & Imaging

Lab and Imaging services are available at many Granger Medical Clinic locations. Many of these services require some preparation before arriving to the clinic. Contact your clinic for instructions on how to prepare for your specific testing.

Patient Services

Through it all, we’ve maintained the personal and caring touch of healing you have grown to know and trust.

In addition to our primary care departments and our many specialties, we offer many other services for our patients.

Elite Laser & Esthetics

Discover why people from across the nation travel to experience Utah’s preeminent medical Spa, Elite Laser & Esthetics. Our Elite Laser & Esthetics is run by Dr. Robert Rodrigues, a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in all aspects of plastic, aesthetic, and rehabilitative surgery.

Whether you’re facing the challenges of aging, recovering from an accident or illness, or simply wanting to look as good as you feel, you can have natural and long-lasting results with the quality of care, compassion, and respect you deserve.

Clinical Research and Trials

Granger Medical Clinic’s medical research team provides patients the opportunity to participate in safe, well-designed, and strictly-managed medical research studies in their own communities. Every patient and study are overseen by a Granger Medical Clinic physician and medical insurance is not required.