Granger Medical Clinic Announces New Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Granger Medical Clinic is happy to announce a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) over all of Granger Medical. Jeff Davis has been with Granger for over a year as Director of Finance and officially accepted the CFO position in August of 2016.

Mr. Davis comes to the CFO position with a vast array of experience that highly qualifies him for this role. Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, before successfully completing a master’s degree at the competitive accounting program at Brigham Young University, ranked in the top three accounting programs in the nation.

After graduating, Jeff moved to Seattle to work for KPMG, one of the Big 4 national accounting firms. While this was a highly sought after job it came with long hours, lots of travel, and big stressful deadlines. However, Jeff had the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 companies, assist on IPO’s, and do public filings. Jeff focused primarily on Healthcare clients including Providence Health, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the University of Washington Medical group. After a few years, he transferred to KPMG’s Salt Lake office where he was heavily involved with the audit of Intermountain Healthcare as an audit manager, giving him the opportunity to see how a large medical organization manages their accounting.

After six years with KPMG, Mr. Davis worked for five years with the Community Health Center in Salt Lake City, a non-profit medical group with a focus on underserved demographics. With 25 doctors and eight locations, Jeff held a similar role to CFO for this smaller clinic, giving him a great deal of experience that would prepare him for his current role with Granger.

Mr. Davis joined Granger in 2015 as Director of Finance, and assumed the role of CFO unofficially in June of 2016. His promotion was made official in August. He is a talented accountant and his experience and personality will bring a great deal to his new role. Granger Medical Clinic is excited to have him and his expertise in such a crucial role for the organization.