Granger Ophthalmology introduces new Program

Dry Eye is a common condition in the high altitude of Utah and it’s important to remember that it just not a minor discomfort. Dry eyes can be a significant condition that could cause more severe problems than just minor discomfort. If untreated, eye dryness can lead to blurry vision, contact intolerance, ulcers and scares on the cornea. Utahans especially need to recognize the symptoms of Dry Eye and seek treatment for it.

  • Are you frequently using artificial tears?
  • Do your eyes feel dry, itchy or gritty?
  • Do your eyes feel irritated wearing contacts?
  • Do your eyes bother you while viewing your computer or phone?

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it’s time to see what treatments options are available for you.
Granger Ophthalmology has a newly acquired diagnostic kit to precisely quantify and diagnose the dryness of your eyes to decide on the best treatment plan for each specific patient. The osmolality system measures the saltiness of the ocular surface by merely taking a sample of your tears. The system helps the providers at Granger Ophthalmology understand the severity of dryness, identify other factors causing the dryness and decide on the best treatment plan for you.

Please be aware that as winter comes, dryness increases with cold weather. If you have dry eyes, please prepare by making an appointment now with Granger Ophthalmology!