Granger Ultrasound Machines

One of the advantages that Granger Medical Clinic can offer our patients is the flexibility of multiple locations and the most modern technology, allowing you to receive the treatment you need in-network, so you don’t have to worry about whether your insurance will help cover costs. In particular, we have ultrasound machines in several locations so you can get the tests you need to be done in-office without having to go to a hospital. This provides convenience and comfort that we love being able to provide to our patients.

Our OB/GYN clinics in Riverton and West Jordan include ultrasound machines that can perform the following services:

  • 1st-trimester viability checks with heart tones
  • 2nd-trimesters anatomical scan of fetus
  • 3rd-trimester measurements and fluid checks
  • Biophysical Profiles
  • Gender checks
  • Pelvic completes
  • Transvaginal imaging
  • 3D transvaginal ultrasounds

Also, we have general ultrasound machines at these locations as well, so we aren’t limited to just OB/GYN needs. These machines can do:

  • Thyroid Imaging
  • Breast Imaging
  • Carotid Imaging
  • Abdomen Imaging
  • Aorta Imaging
  • Abdomen Limited
  • Testicular Imaging
  • Pelvic Imaging
  • Renal Imaging
  • Bladder Imaging
  • Venous upper Imaging
  • Venous lower Imaging
  • Non-vascular extremity (lump in hand or leg) Imaging
  • OB Imaging (1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester) Imaging


Ultrasound imaging allows doctors and technicians to see internal organs, assess blood flow, and check in on a developing baby. It is safe and uses sound waves instead of radiation. It is non-invasive and comfortable. For pregnant women, ultrasounds are recommended but not required, and patients should research the pros and cons of having ultrasounds and talk with their doctors so they can make an informed decision. Call today to make an appointment!

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