Murray Murray Advanced Prostate Cancer Center (APCC)

5323 S. Woodrow St., Ste. 203
Murray, UT 84107

As one of the largest urology groups in Utah, Summit Urology, has the benefit and extended capacity to collaborate and initiate new programs to better serve our patients and communities. To that end, Granger Summit Urology has launched the Advanced Prostate Cancer Center (APCC) and are the first Utah urology practice to open an in-office dispensary for urologic oncolytic drugs.

We have always been proud to offer leading prostate cancer treatment options, and now with the addition of the APCC we are able to better extend these services to even more patients. Our dedicated nurse navigator works directly with patients and providers to manage patient care in a cost effective manor, by helping patients apply for financial assistance through foundations and pharmaceutical assistance programs, and by working with insurance companies to acquire necessary prior authorizations.

Through the APCC, processes and protocols for treating prostate cancer are standardized and streamlined to offer the highest quality care with direct input from the primary urologist, ensuring personalized treatment plans for every patient.

In the past, prostate cancer patients were often transferred to an oncologist or cancer clinic for further treatment, which can limit coordination of care with the primary urologist and lead to a disjointed treatment plan. Through the APCC, patient care is optimized by a Provider and dedicated team that specializes, and is passionate about, prostate cancer care. When a prostate cancer patient is placed on Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT), the patient’s care is transferred to the APCC where they are guided by the dedicated team, including their trusted primary urologist.

Additional benefits of the APCC for the patients include:

  • Focused patient and family care and support
  • Early identification of advancing disease
  • Strict following of NCCN and AUA guidelines for the best outcomes
  • State-of-the-art treatment plans and protocols
  • Expertise and primary urologist involvement throughout the entire process

The APCC is a great example of how we can, and do, make a difference for our patients. We expect excellent outcomes as we continue to refine our practice and increase the specialized services we are able to offer.


Phone: 801.965.3530
Fax: 385.388.8107
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