September Walk With A Doc

Granger’s next ‘Walk With a Doc’ will be held this Friday, September 9th, at 9 am (or 9/9 @9!) Our Bariatric Specialist, Dr. Sheetal Shah, will give a short presentation followed by a short fifteen minute walk along the Jordan River Parkway.  These events are a great way to get out and moving, meet people who share your goals to learn and find better health, and remind yourself of the joys of being active and outdoors.  Attendees are welcome to continue walking as long as they wish. The Jordan River Parkway is a beautiful location to increase your activity for the week!

Research has shown that strenuous exercise does little to promote weight loss.  Rather, gentle, regular, continuous movement is one of the best ways to see results, and walking is a great way to boost your metabolism, stretch your muscles gently, and reduce stress levels, which can contribute to weight gain. So if you want to be healthy and maybe drop a few pounds, regular, gentle exercise combined with a healthy diet is going to get you much further than running yourself ragged at the gym. The Walk With a Doc program is designed to promote wellness in a way everyone can benefit from, by providing opportunities to learn and exercise in a supportive, gentle environment.

Dr. Sheetal Shah has been with Granger Medical Clinic since 2012 and has helped hundreds of patients struggling with obesity make lifestyle changes for improved health. She truly cares about her patients and about creating opportunities for change, which is why she offers the Walk With a Doc events, along with a 4 part weight loss seminar, to provide anyone who wants to learn the change to find a better path to good health.

Attendees can meet at Winchester Park, 1200 W Winchester Street, Murray, Utah, 84123 at 9 AM on September 9th.