Pediatric Psychiatry

Psychiatry is the area of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of mental illnesses, emotional disturbances, and abnormal behavior. Our pediatric psychiatrist here at Granger Medical Clinic, Dr. Michael Connolly, specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders in children and adolescents. He believes in a conservative, holistic approach to psychiatric care, particularly concerning prescription medications. He educates his patients, and their families, on effective coping strategies and setting healthy boundaries in interpersonal relationships as well as the importance of integrating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and an adequate sleep schedule.

Other treatment interventions include behavior therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, parent training, psychodynamic therapy, and consultation with your child’s primary care provider or school professionals. Dr. Connolly will work hard to formulate a treatment plan that meets your child’s needs. Their mental health and wellbeing are our top priority!

Our Services

  • Psychiatric Evaluation (Child & Adolescent)
  • Psychiatric Medication Management

Patients may choose to seek care on their own or they may be referred by their primary care provider or other specialist. It is important to consider insurance requirements, such as a referral, before consulting with a specialist.