Understanding & Preventing Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries, overtraining, and “burnout” are growing problems among our young athletes. They have long term consequences including injury, poor performance, and psychological lack of enthusiasm long-term. Awareness of these conditions is important for every parent, coach, trainer, primary care provider, and sports medicine specialist.

Common overuse injuries include:

  • Shin splints
  • Patellar tendonitis (commonly referred to as ‘jumper’s knee’)
  • Little leaguer’s elbow/shoulder (injury to the inner elbow or the upper arm bone at the shoulder and is common in young athletes who are still growing)
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome (commonly referred to as ‘runner’s knee’)
  • Fatigue

Early symptoms include:

  • Decreased strength and endurance
  • Recurrent pain during activity
  • Decrease in overall performance

Most overuse injuries can be prevented with proper training and conditioning. In general, taking 2 days off each week and 2-3 months away from competitive practice for each specific sport, allows time for

physical and psychological recovery. Also, total distance, duration, and intensity should not increase by more than 10% per week while training.

Information for athletes, parents, coaches, trainers, and medical providers regarding sport-specific conditions can be found at www.stopsportsinjuries.org which is a collaboration of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine with multiple other orthopedic and pediatric professional organizations.

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Blog post was written by James R. Meadows, MD – Board certified in Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine.