Exercise and Hydration

Exercise and Hydration

In the summer heat, we need to make sure we drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration.


Symptoms of dehydration may include the following:

– dry mouth

– thirst


– decreased urine output

– dry skin

– headache

– constipation

– dizziness


How much fluid do we need each day?

Here is a simple calculation:

Weight in lbs _____ X 0.5 = minimum fluid requirement/day in ounces

Weight in lbs _____X 1.0 = upper fluid requirement/day in ounces


You can include anything you drink in your fluid intake for the day, other than alcohol. Alcohol is very dehydrating.


How to best hydrate for exercise

You need to make sure you are hydrated before, during, and after exercise, as well as in the heat or when sweating to prevent dehydration. Water is one of the best fluids for our bodies, unless you are exercising more than 1 hour, then perhaps you can include a sports drink with electrolytes to replace sodium and potassium lost in sweat.


Pre-exercise: drink 2- 3 cups fluids 2-3 hours before exercising

During exercise: drink 1 cup every 10-15 minutes

Post exercise: drink 2-3 cups for every lb. lost