Granger Medical Adds Cardiology Department

Granger Medical Clinic is rapidly expanding, constantly working to improve our service and options for our patients. We are happy to announce that we now offer Cardiology services in addition to the numerous specialties Granger already offers. This will allow Granger Medical to provide even more services within your covered network, making your life more streamlined under the Granger umbrella.

Our new Cardiologists, Dr. Ronald E. Brown and Dr. Charles W. Haws, will see patients at both our West Valley Clinic location and at Granger Medical Wasatch. Dr. Brown is a Salt Lake City native, but grew up in Denver, Colorado, before returning to Utah for school. He has practiced at St. Mark’s Hospital and Intermountain Medical Center, and takes a special interest in building relationships with his patients. He is known for taking time with his patients to ensure that they understand their medical conditions and how to best manage their heart troubles. He has four children and enjoys spending as much time outside as possible, especially on horseback.

Dr. Haws is a Logan native, and received his MD at the University of Utah. Over the years he has learned the importance of risk management and disease prevention, and works with his patients to make lifestyle changes that can minimize their risk of heart troubles. He also has four children, as well as four grandchildren! His wife is a novelist and they enjoy gardening and golf.

Dr. Brown will be dividing his time between our West Valley Location and our Granger Medical Wasatch location. You can make appointments for him by calling 801.965.3600 for West Valley and 801.262.1771 for Granger Medical Wasatch. Appointments for Dr. Haws can be made by calling 801.965.3600. Both doctors will be available for appointments Mid-August.