Granger Medical Clinic’s Healthcare Hero

SLC, UT – September 26, 2017 – Granger Medical Clinic is extremely proud to honor MJ Tran as the 2017 Utah Business Healthcare Hero for Community Outreach. “Regardless of which roles we serve, if we care enough, we truly have what it takes to change the world,” says Ms. Tran, Sr. Manger of Healthcare Innovation for Granger Medical Clinic.

In 2014, MJ was presented with a challenge by a group of physicians to plant seeds for a Transitional Care Management (TCM) program to help physicians fill in the communication gaps of a patient’s healthcare journey after being admitted to an in-patient care setting. When a primary care physician (PCP) or specialist is unaware of a patient’s changed condition, it can significantly impact the quality of care of their recovery. When left without the necessary resources to succeed, this often results in patients being readmitted to the hospital.

Granger Medical Clinic has provided a platform for innovation for MJ, her team and the TCM Program. Serving as the primary care or specialty provider from an outpatient setting, Granger’s providers understand the importance of connecting with their patients throughout their entire healthcare transition. The clinic continues to serve as the quarterback for the patients, so it is imperative for our providers to obtain the communication needed to provide care to the highest caliber.

So how did the TCM team bridge this gap in patient care? They were instrumental in the process of aligning the intricate pieces of the various healthcare systems, partnering with their community and creating new communication links that did not previously exist. While advocating for enhanced patient outcomes and providing patients with this extra layer of support, the program has significantly reduced hospital readmission rates, decreased healthcare expenditures and improved overall quality of patient care.

As the TCM program continues to evolve, patients are no longer falling through the gaps, placing a sense of trust back in the healthcare system. Most importantly, the TCM program has allowed our providers and community partners watch those seeds continue to harvest and grow, giving our practice a profound purpose to do more to empower our vulnerable patient populations.

Ms. Tran is accepting this recognition on Tuesday, September 26th at the Utah Business Healthcare Hero Summit. We congratulate her and her team for their continuous efforts!