National Primary Care Week

The week of October 1st to the 7th is National Primary Care Week. This year’s theme is Preventative Medicine and Health MaintenanceSo what is a Primary Care provider, and how can they help you?

A Primary Care provider  (PCP) is trained and skilled in a variety of health problems and the diagnosis of the problem for the entire family. They’re the doctor that you visit for most of your medical needs including wellness visits, routine screenings and non-emergency illnesses like the cold or flu.

You speak to these providers about your health care history or any medical concerns that you may have. If your doctor feels that a specialist can provide additional treatment that will be beneficial, they can write you a referral to see them.

A primary care provider plays a large part in your health, and it’s important that you find aprovider that you can have honest conversations with, and one who has expertise in the areas that meet your healthcare needs. Then working together they help you increase control over your well-being and improve your overall health.

At Granger Medical Clinic we have Primary Care providers who practice under the titles of Family MedicinePediatrics and Internal Medicine. There’s also an additional 24 specialty care groups that can provide referred care with broader problems such as Sleep & Lung or General Surgery.

Once your specialist shares needed information with your primary care provider, it becomes a collaboration of care to assure that your overall health is considered when making decisions about your treatment. It’s great to have a PCP on board to oversee your healthcare, no matter what office you are visiting.