Granger’s Dr. Denise Morita Medical Professional of the Year

Several weeks ago, we announced that Granger Medical Clinic’s pediatric neurologist, Dr. Denise Morita, was nominated for the Epilepsy Association of Utah’s Medical Professional of the Year.

We are happy to let our patients know that Dr. Morita won this award. She has now been voted Medical Professional of the Year two years running. She was presented this award at the Epilepsy Association of Utah’s Annual Community Service Award Dinner last weekend and felt honored to be recognized for her hard work in the community.

Because this nomination was earned through the votes of her patients, it is doubly rewarding. Dr. Morita credits the teamwork of everyone at Granger Medical Parkway, especially her receptionist, Lisa and medical assistant, Chantae, who go the extra mile every day and show compassion and friendliness to patients and their families.

As a pediatric neurologist, Dr. Morita works closely with many children suffering from epilepsy, migraines and other neurological conditions. She daily faces the challenge of working with children and teenagers, trying to make their lives better. We at Granger Medical Clinic recognize that hers is a particularly tough job, and honor her compassion and stamina as she strives to find solutions to her young patients’ problems.

This award reflects the dedication Dr. Morita has to the children that come in and out of her office every day looking for solutions, and we could not be more proud to provide the support she needs to give them aid.
If your child begins to show signs of seizure or other neurological disorders, we are backed by Dr. Morita’s patients and the community in recommending her as a physician who will do her utmost to be of assistance to you. Congratulations, Dr. Morita – your recognition was well-earned.

Dr. Morita sees patients at the Granger Medical Parkway location. Appointments can be made by calling 801.432.3000.