Exercise and Diet
The importance of preventive medicine can’t be overstated. The best way to treat any injury or illness is not to get it in the first place. When we consider preventive medicine, one of the most important ways to engage in prevention on a daily basis is to control weight.
Bariatric Medicine and Weight Management
Weight Loss Seminar Series for October-November 2016
Dr. Sheetal Shah returns in October with another opportunity for anyone struggling with their weight to attend her Weight Loss Seminar Series. Dr. Shah is Granger’s Bariatric specialist and has worked with hundreds of patients to reduce their weight, get off of medications, and find healthier, more active lifestyles.
Elite Laser & Esthetics Open House
The Granger Medical Clinic Laser Program has been renamed and relocated! As of October 3, 2016, this service will be treating clients under the new name Elite Laser & Esthetics.
Calories In Calories Out
Imagine you were at a party and a friend from out of town talked about moving to your city. If you were to describe your city, with all of its parts, people, culture, and problems, could you do it effectively in one word? If you only talked about its parks – or traffic, or bar […]
dr morita
Dr. Morita Nominated For Medical Professional of the Year
Granger Medical Clinic’s Dr. Denise Morita has been nominated for the Epilepsy Association of Utah’s Medical Professional of the Year.  Dr. Morita was the recipient of this award in 2015 for a licensed medical professional who has shown great effort in helping people with epilepsy.