dr morita
Dr. Morita Nominated For Medical Professional of the Year
Granger Medical Clinic’s Dr. Denise Morita has been nominated for the Epilepsy Association of Utah’s Medical Professional of the Year.  Dr. Morita was the recipient of this award in 2015 for a licensed medical professional who has shown great effort in helping people with epilepsy.
Jeff Davis
Granger Medical Clinic Announces New Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Granger Medical Clinic is happy to announce a new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) over all of Granger Medical. Jeff Davis has been with Granger for over a year as Director of Finance and officially accepted the CFO position in August of 2016.
liberty park
Fight Childhood Diabetes
If you are the parent of a child with Type 1 Diabetes, chances are you feel pretty exhausted. The constant monitoring, day in and day out, the trips to the hospital, the daily fear that your child could die at any time, or the long, anxious wait hoping for a therapy dog to help ease some of the strain – the challenges can feel insurmountable.
flu clinic
Granger Flu Clinic
For many people, the move to fall weather goes hand in hand with an annual flu shot. The Granger Urgent Care department is making your annual flu shot easy and convenient by offering walk-in vaccine services at all of our urgent care facilities, including West Valley, Millcreek, Riverton and West Jordan. The CDC recommends an annual flu shot, especially for people who are elderly, pregnant or work with children or in hospitals.
book fair
September Book Fair
Labor Day is over, and Halloween decorations are in stores. If you are an early Christmas buyer (or a last minute buyer resolved to do better this year) come on down to Granger Medical West Valley.