Master Your Weight and Vitality
Master Your Weight and Vitality
As we enter 2017, let’s make a new year’s resolution to revitalize our body and our life. Say goodbye to unwanted fat and low energy forever – let’s learn the secret to unlock the immense power within. It is our birthright to be happy and healthy – to be full of life – why not […]
The Prevention Ladder
Doctors think in terms of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention of disease. To illustrate the difference, think about your lawn. Primary prevention of lawn disease involves having a lush, thick grass carpet that chokes out any undesirable seeds that land on it.
Granger Ultrasound Machines
One of the advantages that Granger Medical Clinic can offer our patients is the flexibility of multiple locations and the most modern technology, allowing you to receive the treatment you need in-network, so you don’t have to worry about whether your insurance will help cover costs. In particular, we have ultrasound machines in several locations […]
gange award
Summit Urologist designated Urolift Center of Excellence
Dr. Steven Gange, of Summit Urology – Holladay, has recently had his practice designated the first-ever Urolift Center of Excellence in the world. To appreciate the importance of this honor, it is necessary to understand the ground-breaking importance of the Urolift procedure. If you are a man over the age of 50, chances are you […]
Granger Medical Parkway
Granger Medical Parkway: More than a clinic – a family
In our modern world of giant medical conglomerates, it seems like the personal touch in medical care has been completely lost. But there is one place you can still find people who know your name – Granger Medical Parkway. If you live in the Riverton area, Granger Medical Parkway is the perfect place for your […]