Granger Blood Drive
Granger Blood Drive
The Utah Region of the American Red Cross is currently struggling to keep up with hospital demand, and Utah is at risk of not having enough blood donors to supply crucial, life-saving blood transfusions to people in emergency situations.
Binge Eating Disorder
Binge Eating Disorder
Have you tried over and over again to reach a healthier weight and been unsuccessful? Or have you tried to control portions, not eat after 6pm, avoid sugars and carbs, etc., and been unsuccessful? Have you ever felt so ashamed of eating something unhealthy you cry as you eat and yet – still eat it?
Dr. Sheetal Shah discusses the new research
Dr. Sheetal Shah Weight Loss Clinic # 3
Granger Medical Clinic and our network of Physicians strongly advocate preventative care and patient education. As much as we love seeing our patients, if we can teach you how to avoid being sick in the first place, we know you will be much happier. With that in mind, Dr. Sheetal Shah, a board certified bariatric […]
Mobile Mammobile Event
Granger Medical Riverton is proud to announce the return of the Mammobile by Mountain Medical. The Mammobile provides convenient mammogram screenings for our patients in the local community, and we are happy they are again providing us their expertise to benefit the women of West Valley.
Staying Safe Outdoors with Summer Safety Tips
With school already a distant memory, it is time to once again re-acquaint ourselves with some of the potential hazards of the summer season. Keep your family safe this summer by following these tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Also, see Summer Safety Tips: Sun and Water Safety for more information.